Get Stroke Patient Satisfaction on Track with the STROKE Perception Report©

Meeting U.S. Stroke Center Certification Requirements 

Measurement of patient or family perception of the quality of acute stroke services is a requirement of Stroke Center certification, yet until now, valid and reliable instruments specific to the needs of acute stroke patients have not been available.

The STROKE Perception Report© was developed by acute stroke researchers with expertise in both Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Center development, quality improvement, and certification.

The instrument’s title stands for Stroke – Treatment – Risk factors – Outcomes – Knowledge – and Education, representing the different perception and knowledge domains measured by this new tool. Both patient and family versions are available for use, with both versions of the instrument measured as highly valid and reliable indicators of patient and family member perception of the quality of acute stroke services.

Unlike other instruments available to measure patient/family perceptions, the STROKE Perception Report© underwent a five year period of development which included two qualitative phases in diverse samples of acute stroke patients and family members, one combined qualitative/quantitative phase, and two final quantitative phases. The final national validation study for the instrument was conducted over a fourteen month period at thirty-five leading Stroke Centers across the U.S., from New England to Hawaii.

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