Get Stroke Patient Satisfaction on Track with the STROKE Perception Report©

Benchmarked Performance Reporting

Use of the STROKE Perception Report© is administered by the Health Outcomes Institute, LLC, and available for purchase by annual institutional subscription derived by quarterly subject volume as follows:

Quarterly Subject Volume Price

•Up to 100 subjects per quarter (up to 400/year) $8,000/year

•101 to 200 subjects per quarter (up to 800/year) $10,000/year

•201 to 300 subjects per quarter (up to 1200/year) $12,000/year

Reports are produced quarterly and provide benchmarked scores for your Stroke Center’s performance compared to other users on a total of 24-items and subject demographics; qualitative comments submitted by patients and family members are included according to each site’s preference. Your Stroke Center’s performance is fully confidential; your site administrator is the sole recipient of your reports, and benchmark scores are presented as   de-identified aggregate scores across all other participating sites. 

View Select Elements of a STROKE Perception Report Card

Electronic iPad©/Template Testing

An electronic version of the instrument is available as an alternative to collection of paper surveys. Regardless of their age, our testing showed that most patients rated use of the electronic survey as "easy to use" and 77% believed that it was more confidential, private and secure than use of paper surveys.