Get Stroke Patient Satisfaction on Track with the STROKE Perception Report©

Instrument Scales, Reliability and Validity Performance

The STROKE Perception Report© consists of three scales derived from two qualitative study phases and refined through a combined qualitative/quantitative phase and a subsequent quantitative phase. The three scales measure patient and family perception of a Stroke Center’s performance in the following areas:

Action to Diagnose and Treat Stroke

Genuine Caring

Provision of Education to Prevent and Respond to Future Stroke Symptoms

The instrument’s internal consistency Chronbach alpha scores range from .88 to .94. Construct validity was tested with exploratory factor analysis using principle components with varimax rotation demonstrating shared variance of 68.4% (patient instrument) and 69% (family instrument). The STROKE Perception Report is the only instrument available to validly and reliably measure patient and family perceptions of the quality of acute Stroke Center services.